Heineken: GREAT campaign, but no ENGAGEMENT.

I’m a genuine fan of Heineken’s new ‘The Entrance’ campaign, which you can see below:

It’s fast, fun, creative and features a famous singer (Duffy) belting out a catchy track by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

I keep seeing the ad on TV, so decided to check the brand out on Facebook, where the campaign continues.

Fans of the Heineken Facebook page can access a highly dynamic digital tab for ‘The Entrance’, in which the ad is played, with interactive options laced over the top of it.  Users can then see the ‘back stories’ of the campaigns outlandish characters, which allows us to see how everything fits into ‘the hero’s’ entrance.

This is a pertinent example of how brands are increasingly turning to Facebook to expand upon ATL television advertising.  Yet for me, despite my love affair with the ad, the social strategy could have been expanded so much more.

As Facebook itself talked about at this week’s Internet world, social media and digital is increasingly playing a crucial role in the consumer’s purchasing decision:

Awareness – Heineken TV ad

Interest – Facebook ‘expanded stories’



Recommendation – Tweet / Facebook share buttons

As you can see, there is no discernible call to action, and no ability to engage deeper than simply sharing the stories through social channels, which is great for brand awareness, but that’s all.

So how could Heineken add further dynamics to the social interaction, which at this stage, remains very one-way?

  • YouTube – users could be asked to upload their very own ‘entrance’ videos featuring bottles of Heineken, providing plenty of branded, crowd-sourced material for the beer brand, with a prize mechanic.
  • Fans could follow Twitter accounts of the main protagonists as they unravel further outlandish stories daily, maintaining regular brand awareness and interaction with consumers.
  • The Facebook page could ask for people’s ‘best and worst ways to make an entrance’, again, encouraging engagement and continuing brand dialogue.

This is a wonderful piece of branding, but ENGAGEMENT is the cornerstone of social media marketing if we, as digital marketers, are to genuinely influence consumer DECISION and ACTION.

With ‘The Entrance’, there is no opportunity for consumers to talk to the brand, which is a real shame, because this great campaign is worthy of so much more.


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