Community. Value. People.

Unfortunately, due to various commitments throughout the day, I could not attend #ConnectingHR’s sophomore ‘unconference’ effort until around 5pm.  This late arrival means that writing my take on the event is rather unwarranted; however, I wanted to share something with the wider #ConnectingHR community at large.

I’ve been to many communities and professional engagements when you see certain people and there’s almost a sense of tired obligation – ‘Oh damn, there’s that Gareth – I met him at that conference last year, he’s spotted me, I’d better say hello.’  Cue awkward conversation.

However, upon arrival yesterday evening, I was greeted one by one by many of the conference attendees in such a warm, affectionate manner, including a lovely man hug from the ever-charismatic @joningham, which made me feel so welcomed, so inclusive, so much PART OF SOMETHING.

My point?

These are people I have met THROUGH A HASHTAG.
Had conversations with.
Gradually got to meet in person.
Shared blog posts with.
Chatted about life situations.
Asked for help.
Been helped by.
Laughed with.

The sense of community with #ConnectingHR and #CHRU is palpable.  Why?  Because we’re a fantastic group of people who are social and interacting with each other to help, assist, teach, mentor, guide, share and grow.

And all of this has been facilitated through social media.

This is the power of community in its truest sense – this is the value of #ConnectingHR.

Make sure you’re part of it.

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5 responses to “Community. Value. People.

  1. Fantastic post! How kind of you to use that photo, I’m touched. Good work Callum.

  2. Hi Callum I was there for the whole day and your view sums up the feeling precisely. Warm, generous, informed and innovative people and it’s great to be a part of it.

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  4. Amen to that.
    Great post Callum.

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