Raising a Glass to Jim Beam’s Social Media Strategy

I’m no more ‘qualified’ to critique an ad than the next marketer, but I am a consumer – and it being Valentine’s Day, have fallen firmly in love with this new spot for Jim Beam, ‘Bold Choice’:

If you’re like me, the moody black and white film, emotive acting and poignant message can’t fail to impress.  Big advertising has always sold people a lifestyle rather than a product and this is no different (although Jim Beam does happen to be my favourite bourbon).

But take a look at Jim Beam’s social media sites – Facebook, Twitter – they all continue the conversation that the ad started.

On Facebook we are encouraged to click ‘like’ and ‘make a bold bhoice’.  There’s a bespoke tab that encourages us to get involved and chart ‘bold choices’ we’ve made to put our towns on the map.

The brand’s Twitter feed is engaging with its community asking for ‘bold decisions’, the best of which will be re-tweeted and shared with the community.

Let’s look past the marketing psychology here – we all know that Jim Beam is a whiskey plain and simple.  As consumers, we all suspend disbelief in order to make sense of the capitalist society we operate in.

But this superb digital integration shows how social media is not simply ‘a’ thing that sits somewhere on Facebook or Twitter and pumps out one-way marketing spiel: it’s a living, breathing marketing tool that is a vital part of a healthy integrated marketing strategy.

Sure, social media has its own unique modus operandi, challenges and conventions.  But aligning your social media strategy to overall digital – and offline – marketing strategy is vital to marketing success.

Jim Beam seems to have got this spot-on – is it too much of a pun to say I’ll raise a glass to that?


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