A bad day for Kenneth Cole, NOT social media.

Here we go again – someone at Kenneth Cole exercises extremely poor judgement and decides to promote a new fashion collection using the concerning events in Egypt as a topical hook:

Now you don’t really need me to wade in on the whole Kenneth Cole debate: the Internet is awash with angry reactions to this highly insensitive tweet.  However, I do feel that it’s important to point out that this whole episode is NOT an example of how social media is ‘bad’.

A large number of people have already jumped on the anti-social media bandwagon, saying that this exemplifies how ‘dangerous’ social media can be; how a bad tweet can royally mess up your PR for the next 12 months.

However, social media is NOT to blame.

The real danger here is allowing uneducated people access to your brand communications.  Yes, social media is about transparency and authenticity, but it’s also a form of marketing and requires the same discipline, thought and care as any other form of PR.

Social media is unique, but those of us in social media marketing have to be aware that we are also brand guardians.

A bad day for Kenneth Cole and the intern / marketer that is no doubt updating their LinkedIn profile and CV as we speak.  But NOT a bad day for social media.


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