Hire Me. Seriously. (The Yorkshire Chapter.)

For those new to me and my social job search, please take a moment to read ‘Hire Me. Seriously.’

At the time of writing, it’s been 2 months since I first sat down and penned my ‘hire me’ post.  8 weeks down the line and it feels like so much has happened – including what I’m looking for.

After much introspective thought and discussion with the fiancé, I’ve decided to focus my job search up north, with Leeds / York  / Harrogate the preferred destinations.

Despite the fact that this long-considered option is intended to bring about a much better quality of life, the fact remains that I am still very much looking for a career move, not simply ‘a new job to facilitate a move up north’.

So to recap, this is what I am looking for:

* A social media / digital marketing / copywriting role that allows me the chance to work for / exposure to big brands.
* A business that is based in or around Leeds / York / Harrogate.

My dream, dream job (aside from playing up front for Spurs) would look something like this:

* Social media / digital marketing role within a great consumer brand OR as part of a friendly agency
* The opportunity to build, implement and maintain a diverse SM presence
* The opportunity to learn from experienced digital marketers as part of a friendly and passionate team
* Scope to take on other bits of digital marketing e.g. blogging, e-marketing, SEO etc.
* As much free coffee as I can drink.
* An eccentric dress code – military, spaceman, cowboys etc.

OK, so I might be pushing it with towards the end, but I really am all about branding, marketing and communication through digital channels – I love nothing more than engaging and connecting with people and growing business.

And if you’re reading this wondering what I can bring to the table, you could always check out my LinkedIn profile, but here’s a snapshot:

* Social Media – setting up branded presences on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, iTunes, Delicious.  Community management and engagement
* Strong copywriting background (online & offline) including SEO
* External agency management
* Contract management / supplier negotiation
* Marketing planning
* E–marketing experience – building and sending emails to c. 30,000
* Web analytics (Google)
* Garageband / iMovie editing on Mac OS

I would like to think that I’m a nice gentleman to boot – I make good cups of tea and coffee, contribute a bit of fun to an office and have impeccable taste in music…

So calling all Yorkshire-based brands, agencies and businesses – I’m here, I’m motivated and I’m eager to take on a new challenge within your business – come and get me through one of the following…

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/callumsaunders
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/callumsaunders
Email: callumsaunders @ yahoo.co.uk


5 responses to “Hire Me. Seriously. (The Yorkshire Chapter.)

  1. Good work. And you are Sir, a proper gent.

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  3. A brilliant brand ambassador who harnesses the power of social media with real skill.

    Prospective employers, you will be lucky to have him!

  4. To anyone coming across this blog who doesnt know Callum, a few notes from me. Callum worked for me for nearly 3 years before I left the Stopgap business 2 months ago. There are some things you should know:

    He can seem quite reserved, especially at first. But beneath that quiet exterior lies a creative and imaginative individual – Leamington Spa videos aside 😉

    In the early days of being part of the team, I roped Callum into our half day creative sessions, a decision for which I was often challenged – “Why have you got Callum in there? He’s only a copywriter!”. But I could see his potential and Callum proved his worth 10 times over. In the beginning he didn’t say much, but when he did say something, we all stopped to listen. That’s why he made digital Marketing Manager from Copywriter in a very short space of time.

    He has a tremendous work ethic. When we shrank the marketing function, he took all the additional duties on without a single gripe. Sure, it was a developmental opportunity for him (Or so I kept telling him anyway!) but at times there was so much going on, so much pressure on us yet he always delivered. Always.

    Yep, he made mistakes. Who doesn’t? I’ve made some howlers but that’s another story. But he learns from them and moves on, never lingering over what might have been or letting it distract him.

    He is resilient – you have to be to work for an owner entrepreneur and in a company staffed largely by ex marketers. It’s like having an extended marketing function of 50 people. Needless to say everyone has an opinion and minds change. Frequently. Others would have walked away long ago, but Callum stuck it out and for that alone I will be eternally grateful.

    He is a team player. Many claim to be, most are not. Callum most definitely is.

    He is the sort of guy others will follow – after having him in your team for a couple of years, you worry that if he ever left, others would go too.

    He is genuinely one of the nicest guys I have ever met and has such a small ego its invisible to the naked eye. It has been my privilege to have been his boss during the last 3 years.

    Seriously, if you are a branded company or agency operating out of his desired geography and you have a digital role, snap him up. You would be completely stupid not to.

    If more recruiters used social media and read blogs, they would see this post and realise what a gold candidate he is – it’s a fee waiting to happen. But, alas they don’t – instead they are all sitting on their arses, posting jobs to job boards and picking their noses while waiting for the response. God I’m sooo glad I’m out of it!

    If you want to talk to me about Callum, feel free to make contact via this blog, or twitter – @garelaos.

    Good luck fella – you deserve it.

  5. I was the copywriter who had to follow in Callum’s rather significant footsteps at Stopgap. Luckily, I had Cal there to guide me every step of the way. I know more about copywriting, SEO, social media and branding than I would have learned in most places being a junior copywriter straight out of uni. This has set me in good stead having moved on to a wider PR role and I would have never got here without Cal as a teacher and mentor. Even when we had our differences, I still learned from Callum and that’s real collaboration. In fact, Callum continued to train and prepare me for my next role even as my contract came to an end.

    Cal takes real pride in his work, he is focused and bright and full of good ideas. His work speaks for itself, as does his passion for all things digital and social.

    Callum will be a huge asset to any business and I wish him and his lovely fiancee all the best in their move up North.

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