Charity? This is a Cause.

I’ve been trying to construct an apt introduction, but have failed – worrying for a man who peddles his trade with a pen.  So here is a unique blog post – honest and straight from the heart.

Back in the ’80’s, one of my younger sisters was diagnosed with leukaemia.  For many years she battled this cancer and I saw first-hand how this disease ravages a loved one and affects families too.

Luckily, after many years of suffering, including with shingles and pneumonia, she made a full recovery.  What has also filled my heart with real joy (and sibling pride) this year has been seeing her graduate from university as a qualified nurse and start giving some of the excellent care she received back to those who need it today.

My mother also works in a hospital, often working 14-hour shifts with minimal breaks, conducting intensive and back-breaking labour.  She does all of this for nominal pay – something that is a genuine disgrace considering that many pampered, over-paid footballers earn £150,000 per WEEK for simply kicking a ball around.  The Government’s bureaucratic treatment of the NHS and their incredible staff really is shameful – but I shall desist from breaking into a political rant – the simple fact is that our wonderful nurses are over-worked and very under-paid.

These things have enabled me to see first-hand, the phenomenal job that nurses do, especially when such a ravenous disease as cancer is involved.  And recently, I spotted my chance to make a modest contribution to this cause.

On Saturday 21st August, I shall be walking 10km around Richmond Park to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, as my family and I have been lucky to see how these hard-working doctors and nurses really do make a difference.

I am aware that I have conducted a much longer charity walk earlier in the year, so in order to incentivise sponsorship, I am also giving up alcohol for 6 weeks, until September 1st.  I’m far from an alcoholic (I hope!), but know this will be a difficult challenge for me, so hopefully this will illustrate my comitment to this cause.  As part of my entry into the walk, I need to raise £100.  I feel that although this is a tiny amount, it’s my way of giving something back to those that helped my family all those years ago.

If you could spare even a nominal amount, this will make my abstain from alcohol and a 10k walk all worth it.

Thank you.


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